Apple loses weight

As of writing, I had lost 30KGs down, and I aim for another 25+ to go. Writing this milestone down so I never forget.

First of all, this glory belongs to the Heavenly Almighty, I’ve tried doing this by myself so many times, and I have stumbled in all my past attempts. This time, I felt the power of prayer intimately first hand. Yes I’ve put in the work, but I know exactly where divinity shone through for me. I needed to turn to the light to find the strength to stay on the path.

Food and Nutrition has been another sacred cornerstone of this journey. We cannot outwork a bad diet, trust me, I have tried. I needed to learn how to meal prep, to cook, to Fast (this age-old practice was hard), to choose natural whole foods, to make good decisions in front of very alluring menus, to disrespect seed/vegetable oils, to drink a zealous amount of water, and to learn how to be content with hunger. I had to go toe to toe with my ravenous ghrelin, sit down with it, and befriend it. It is a sobering process to re-learn about When to eat, What to eat, How much to eat, and the trickiest of all, Why I used to eat the way I did. It was humbling to identify when I was abusing food to fill up feels, its an essential inner work that has crumbled me many times so far.

Exercise has slowly been a big part of my life. I am fortunate to have friends who tunneled down to the ditches in the gym with me, educating me on how to workout and raise hell every time we step onto the floor. The thing that has worked was to burn the boats and not count the workouts anymore, but to make them count. Falling in love with working out, is like falling in love with myself, the endorphin filled Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) gives me a satisfaction that drips with self respect. When my back was against the wall, I am thankful Keng Ee did not choose to cower but to fight for the future.

Sleep, is the most underrated MVP of health. They say to sleep requires peace, how many of us can reach for this release? The serenity of slumber is measured by quality and quantity, to wake is to be reminded that its a privilege to be alive. We trade for our sanity with the currency of fatigue, but in disrespecting the utility of rest, we indulge in a luxury led by pride and ego. I am thankful for the privilege to have this season in my life to structure my days around my health, and it definitely means setting aside time and intent to sleep.

Thank you to every single soul that has cheered me on, educated me, believed in me, and guided me here. The next part of the journey will be harder and steeper, and I could do with more education and cheerleading. If you have ideas for how to help me break into double digit weight or just want to work out with me I would be totally down to learn and workout together.