LionCity Film Dance Festival

Together with a few Dance friends, we started the first Dance Film Festival in Singapore! We see an opportunity to elevate the quality and commercial visibility of talented professionals in Singapore.

Accelerated by short-form-videos on social media (e.g. TikTok & YouTube shorts) and the pandemic lockdowns, the consumption of Dance digitally faced a turbo-charged normalization globally. It became mainstream for viewers to enjoy, engage, and appreciate Dance content right from the comfort of their screens. 

The great improvements of video compression and playback online meant that marketing and advertising content moved their focus of importance from copywriting, through photography and graphics, to video production and choreography. The commercial value of production and movement choreography increased tremendously faster than the supply of relevant professionals. Dancers experimenting with video production were able to create content that had more commercial appeal than traditional film creators. We realised that this was because it was easier for experienced movers to learn video production than it was for video producers to learn movement. 

As a market, Singapore is blessed with a very low barrier to entry for a dance education due to its geographical compactness, existing healthy dance ecosystem, widespread availability of dance clubs in schools, and digital penetration. This meant that there is an existing and growing quality-quantity pyramid for digital Dance content in Singapore.

We felt that if we provided a platform for high quality dance videos to be showcased and celebrated, we had an opportunity to inspire more related professionals, educate the viewers and creators, as well as create opportunities for industry and professionals to connect and create commercial work. 

With over 8 years in the industry, RPProds was the most suitable person to work with on this initiative. Standing out as a top dance videographer in Southeast Asia, he has the highest number of dance video views in Southeast Asia, the highest number of dance events covered, the highest number of unique dancers appeared on channel, the deepest knowledge of the local culture and geography, and has a proven track record to work effectively with clients from the community and industry alike. With a niche of event coverage and a wide network of industry and community contacts, Richard was the perfect person to support in this meaningful endeavour.